WordPress Widgets Tutorial

A great tutorial on adding and editing widgets by Christopher Masiello

WordPress Working With Images Tutorial

This tutorial address all the details of working with images on a blog, presented by Mike Wiggins.

WordPress Basics Tutorial

A great all round WordPress basics tutorial by NTDaily, in this fifteen minute tutorial you will get a brief tour of WordPress and how to post to it.

WordPress New Post Tutorial

Posts are the articles, or entries that display in chronological order on your home page, typically with the newest post at the top. Unlike Pages, Posts usually have comments fields beneath them and are also included in your site’s RSS feed.

Covered in this video:
• Understanding the difference between Posts and Pages.
• How to create a new Post using the Posts > Add New > SubPanel.
• Personalizing the Add New Post interface.
• Formatting text and content using the WYSIWYG editor.
• Pasting content from Microsoft Word into WordPress.
• Understanding the Visual Editor and HTML (Code View) Editor modes.
• How to save and publish Posts to your site.

NOTE: This video is part of the WordPress 101 video training series. If you enjoyed this video, why not purchase a lifetime membership and instantly gain access to the rest of the videos on the site?

WordPress SEO Post Tutorial

A video walk through by gladdeng on creating a post in WordPress, giving the post SEO and setting the page template.

WordPress Permalink Structure Tutorial

Changing your WordPress permalink structure not only makes Google love you a whole heap more, it also helps in setting up themes. If you haven’t setup your permalink structure before watch this tutorial from WooThemes on how to get it done.

WooThemes Aperture Tutorial

A video tutorial by Mark Forrester from WooThemes giving you a basic run down on the Aperture Theme on your DNWorld website.

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