DNWorld is essentially a multi server WPMU hosting platform specifically configured and fine tuned for multiple domain development and deployment. Our platform is unique in the fact that we have partnered with many premium theme and plugin developers to bring you very high quality products at minimal cost - simply the price of activation.

New users - Here's how it works:

Firstly, open your account here quickly by providing your user name and blog or site name. You'll receive an email to authorize your account with a temporary password, once logged in change your password and details. "You can add more sites in your account at any time".

Then, browse all the available themes "unless you've already decided". Free themes, which we have many to choose from can be activated instantly, premium themes and plugin's will require activation and there's a small monthly charge for this which is detailed here.

Once you have your theme selected and configured you can then begin to add content, images, music, video and build up the site - that's instant gratification and your on the road to development!

When you feel that your site is ready for deployment, click on the free Domain Mapping plugin and set your domain name on the page and at your registrar, give it a few hours and your site is live, live, live..

Follow this process for each of your sites and before you know it - you'll have that network of prime property!

Open your account today!

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